The PB Fitness Academy Journey

After an initial consultation, we will get you started on your journey by guiding you through our program. Following this, we will coach, educate, and support you on a daily and weekly basis, and have an official check-in once a month to make sure you are moving forward.

The Difference

At PB Fitness Academy, we strive to provide a fully personalised service to each of our valued clients. Our professional coaches understand how daunting joining a new gym can be, and as a result, we pride ourselves on creating a welcoming environment that allows our clients to feel comfortable. We also ensure that we are always on hand to guide you throughout your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

We’re a Team

We don’t just train together. We’re friends that socialise and support each other, celebrating our wins, and consoling our losses.

Everything is Tailored to Your Goals

Everyone is different and has different needs, which is why we coach you through structured training programs designed for your goals and made to fit your needs.

No Egos Allowed

Anyone believing they are better than anyone else will be turned away. Additionally, if anyone is found to be intimidating others, they will be asked to leave, as we strive to support each other, regardless of their abilities.

We Guarantee Results

We have complete confidence in our systems, so if you stick to our advice and don’t achieve your desired results, we will give you your money back.

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